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About Us

Plâté specializes in a wide range of exceptional services and products revolving around photography. One of our strongest features is studio photography and outdoor photography. Our studio at Plâté is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology to provide the best for you.

There are many reasons to partake in studio photography. There is no better way to remember and celebrate an important function in your life, than by capturing photographs of it. You name it, from outdoor to indoor events, weddings to convocations, corporate groups to convocations – there are several opportunities to celebrate your special occasion via studio photography.

Celebrate the holiday season by getting the entire family together and taking photographs of all the people you love the most together. This is perfect for sending holiday cards and art for your living room at home. Studio photography is also great for engagement and wedding shoots and helps the bride and groom become acquainted with their photographer.

Plâté prides itself on having professional and well experienced photographers, to ensure the best for our customers. Designed to accommodate up to 100 people in one sitting, our studio is perfect for large family gatherings, corporate group photographs and convocations.

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