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About Us

Plâté has been providing world class picture framing services for several years.

We stock a variety of imported wooden frame mouldings and steel mouldings (approximately 300 types) from Italy, England and America. These include the well sought after highly ornamental frames. We also supply 20-30 types of high quality steel frames in pastel shades, which can be used for custom made frames. Another popular item in stock is British brand mounting boards – we provide boards that can be used for normal purposes as well as acid free boards, which are used for archival work. Both clear and non reflective glass can be ordered to cover the pictures.

We at Plâté go an extra step further with our picture framing service. We supply custom made box frames for objects and decorative window mounts in a variety of designs. In addition, we provide story book albums and albums that are made according to our customers specific requirements and also print prayer cards.

Customers can find a wide range of accessories used to hang up pictures as well at Plâté. From saw hooks to rawl plugs, brass and metal hooks to D – rings, there is something to cater for all requirements. We at Plâté, also provide the service of providing picture hanging advice. Any queries such as the proper aesthetic placement of paintings, prints and ornaments around your office or home or anything concerning pictures, will be gladly answered by our well informed team members.

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