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About Us

‘People who admire and value things of beauty’ - this is the clientele Plâté caters to.

Without a doubt, paintings are one of the best ways to express your feelings, appreciate and value things. They make a wonderful addition to any home or office and are the perfect present for someone very special to you.

We at Plâté supply a wide range of paintings – originals and prints by all types of artists.

Our most elite paintings include top of the line original paintings which are geared for the discerning eye of art collectors. These include works of art from famous and local artists across the island – such as the elusive 43 Group and many others.

The formation of the 43 Group back in 1943 was one of the most important events in the contemporary art scene in Sri Lanka – it was basically equivalent to the French Salon des Independents. The 43 Group was a reaction against the officially supported Victorian artistic sterility of the Ceylon Society of Arts and united independent artists who were committed to free expression. Plâté features works from several of the exceptional 43 Group artists such as George Keat, Ivan Peiris, Harry Pieris, Manjushri and many more.

The work of famous contemporary Sri Lankan artists such as Senaka Senanayake, Segar and others are also available at Plâté. Paintings by up and coming local artists, in both unframed forms as well as prints can also be purchased.

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