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About Us

‘People who admire and value things of beauty’ - this is the clientele Plâté caters to.

Plâté began life when the young couple A.W.A and Clara Plâté, travelled to Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) over a century ago, in 1890. Enthralled by the friendly locals, scenic landscapes and endless beauty of the island, the couple decided to pursue a career in photography in Sri Lanka. With further help from their relatives - the Heinemann’s, Plâté expanded at a gradual pace over the years venturing into other areas of business.

Today, Plâté specializes in a wide range of exceptional services and products. These include studio and outdoor photography, a professional made to order framing department and an interior decoration service. Plâté also provides high quality art supplies from Britain, books on art and other subjects, paintings by the masters and imported and local painting and prints. The company supplies vintage photographs of ancient Sri Lankan artefacts, antiques, local and imported gift items such as Bohemia crystal ware, and even has a department for ladies clothing and accessories.

Plâté also undertakes self portrait paintings – with professional artists that produce beautiful handmade paintings, drawings and sketches in pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolours, oil on canvas paintings and other types of visual arts

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