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About Us

The birth of Plâtés dates back to the 1890’s, when a young gentleman of French Origin, A. W. A. Plâté and his German wife, Clara, travelled across to Sri Lanka, at the time known as, Ceylon, in order to pursue a business venture.

Enthralled and mesmerized by the natural splendor and scenic beauty of this paradise island as well as its ancient and diverse culture heritage, the couple decided to pursue photography as a career. In a country studded with a shimmering turquoise coastline, hilly green luscious mountains, exotic wildlife and a rich, grand history, there was much to capture.

The couple was later joined by Clara’s brother and sister–in law, the Heinemanns, who contributed immensely to the growth and development of a newly formed, nascent company which almost a century later, proudly stands as the ‘House of Plâté.’

With time comes change and a significant and important change occurred in 1950. With the blessings of the founder and his family, the mantle of Plâté was passed on to the secure and able hands of the late Arthur P. Fonseka, a long serving and trusted employee.

It was the untiring efforts and professional skills of the late Mr. Fonseka that laid a foundation for creating a strong, stable trusted organization that has made Plâté one of the most sought after Photography Studios in the country.

Today, Plâté continues to prosper under the efficient and dynamic stewardship of the children of Arthur P. Fonseka, who are committed in their determination to carry on his legacy of excellence.

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