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About Us

Plâté supplies local and imported gift items including crystal ware, pottery and much more. With our wide selection of gift items, you will not have to worry about what to give your friends or business partners for birthdays or special occasions. You are bound to find something that you like from our gift item section.

One of the most popular items that we have in stock is our Bohemia crystal ware. This form of crystal is known for its beauty, artistry and craftsmanship. It is a unique classification of glass work and has specific characteristics which have roots in ancient culture in Europe. Bohemia crystal ware is used to create chandeliers, lamps, vases and even jewellery. At Plâté, we have Bohemia crystal ware in the form of vases, bowls and glasses in sets, and some with matching decanters are available.

Another popular gift item we have in stock is Chinese blue and white pottery ceramics and porcelain. These include miniature pots for Bonsai, vases, bowls, ornamental kettles and much more. The more expensive Chinese vases, pots and special ornaments can also be found at our Plâté gift item section.

We also have a large selection of interior decor articles such as tables, chairs, mirrors, lamps – all of which are excellent choices for your homes or offices. We offer readymade Italian ornate mirrors in gold and silver leaf, custom made mirrors, antique brassware and more to suit all types of tastes.

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